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Surfactants In Pharmaceuticals

Surfactant is an important additive in medicine. The surfactants in pharmaceuticals must be non-toxic, no irritation, no side effects and do not affect the property. Surfactant chemicals are widely used in oral medicine, injection and external medicine, and can play the role of lubrication, adhesion, emulsification, solubilization and slow release. Surfactant is an important additive in medicine and has been widely used in recent years. 

Surfactant like N-Octyl pyrrolidone in pharmacy is often used as a drug carrier, drug dispersion of emulsifying agent, solvent, wetting agent, stabilizing agent, release agent, absorption promoting agent, and some surfactants can be directly used for treatment and sterilization disinfectant, its sterilization and disinfection effects attributable to their strong interaction with the bacterial biofilm protein denaturation or lose their function. 

Surfactants in pharmaceutics are highly soluble in water and, depending on their concentration, can be used for pre-operative skin disinfection, wound or mucous membrane disinfection, instrument disinfection and environmental disinfection. In the preparation process of liposomes, microcapsules, magnetic pharmaceutical preparations and other new dosage forms are also inseparable from surfactant chemicals, and in the preparation process of oral, injection and external drug dosage forms are more inseparable from surfactants. Therefore, medicine plays an important role in eliminating diseases and ensuring human health. It also has higher safety requirements for surfactants used as additives. A pharmaceutical surfactant must be non-toxic, have no stimulation, no side effects and do not affect the drug. 1 Application in oral medicine. 

The surfactants used in oral medicines are mainly nonionic surfactants with low toxicity and high safety. Common dosage forms include tablets, pills, tinctures, emulsions, suspensions, liquids, etc. The most common are tablets. Tablets include multilayer tablets, coated tablets, sugar-coated tablets, enteric-coated tablets, film tablets, There are many forms such as lozenge and sustained-release tablets. In the application of injections, it is mainly to make the solubility of the drug greater.

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