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  • Trioctylamine


Chemical name: Trioctylamine

Trade brand: WHAMINE TA8

CAS No.: 1116-76-3

Molecular weight: 354

Molecular Formula: C24H51N

Synonyms: Trioctyl Amine, TNOA; TRICAPRYLYLAMINE; TRICAPRYLAMINE; TRIOCTYLAMINE; 1-Octanamine,N,N-dioctyl-; 336S; Alamine 308; N,N-dioctyloctan-1-amine

Trioctyl Amine is one of the alkaline fatty amine derivatives. And Trioctyl Amine is often used to extract organic acids and precious metals.


Properties Of Trioctylamine

Trioctyl Amine
Appearance: light yellow transparent oily liquid at room temperature
Odor: pungent odor
Trioctylamine Melting point: -34 ° C
Trioctylamine Boiling point: 365.8 ° C
Density: 0.811 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Refractive index: 1.449 (20 ° C)
Solubility: Trioctyl amine is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in methanol, soluble in ethanol and ether.

Application Of Trioctylamine

Trioctyl Amine is used as a precious metal extracting agent. In the metallurgical industry, Trioctyl Amine is used to extract and separate cobalt, nickel, lanthanides and actinides. In addition, Trioctyl Amine is also used as a surfactant and extracting agent.

Package And Storage Of Trioctylamine

200L plastic drum,IBC(1000L) or meeting the request of the customers. Trioctyl Amine should be stored in a shady room and dry place for one year.

Recommended Amines And Derivatives

Octylamine CAS No: 111-86-4
Molecular formula: C8H19N
Molecular weight: 129.2
Hexadecyl/OctadecylDimethylamins CAS No: 68390-97-6
Molecular formula: C18H39N/ C20H43N
Molecular weight: 277.4
N-3 (Hydrogenated Cocoamido) Propyl Dimethylamines
Oleylamine CAS No: 112-90-3
Molecular formula: C18H37N
Molecular weight: 267.5
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