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  • Octadecyl Dimethylamine

Octadecyl Dimethylamine

Chemical Name: Octadecyl Dimethylamine

Trade Brand: WHAMINE DMA1895

CAS No.: 124-28-7

Molecular Weight: 297.6

Molecular Formula: C20H43N


As one of the professional fatty amines manufacturers in China, Whamine has high quality Dimethyl Octadecylamine (Octadecyl Dimethylamine) for sale.


Properties Of Octadecyl Dimethylamine (124-28-7)

Octadecyl Dimethylamine/ Dimethyl Octadecylamine
Appearance: clear to slight hazy liquid
Melting point: 23° C
Boiling point: 347 °C
Relative Density: 0.8
Refractive index: 1.4461
Solubility: Dimethyl Octadecylamine is easily soluble in alcohol but insoluble in water.

Application Of Octadecyl Dimethylamine (124-28-7)

  1. Octadecyl Dimethylamine is an important organic synthesis intermediate of quaternary ammonium salt type cationic surfactant.

  2. Dimethyl Octadecylamine can react with ethylene oxide, dimethyl sulfate, diethyl sulfate, methyl chloride, benzyl chloride to form different quaternary ammonium salt, which can be used for fabric softening, antistatic agents, hair combing and other products.

  3. Octadecyl Dimethylamine can also be used to produce insect repellents. The reaction of octadecyl dimethylamine with ethylene oxide and nitric acid produces octadecyl dimethyl hydroxyethyl quaternary ammonium nitrate, an antistatic agent SN.

Package And Storage Of Octadecyl Dimethylamine (124-28-7)

200L plastic drum, IBC(1000L) or meeting the request of the customers. 

Octadecyl Dimethylamine should be stored in a shady room and dry place for one year.

Recommended Amines And Derivatives

Oleylamine CAS No: 112-90-3
Molecular formula: C18H37N
Molecular weight: 267.5
Di (Octyl/Decyl) Methylamines
Di (Octyl/Decyl) Methylamines CAS No: 308062-61-5
Molecular formula: C17H37N/ C21H45N
Molecular weight: 291
Dodecyl Dimethylamine
Dodecyl Dimethylamine CAS No. 112-18-5
Synonyms: 1,1-Dimethyl-aminododecane;1-Dodecanamine,N,N-dimethyl-; Adma12;adma2;Amine 2M12D;Antioxidant DDA; antioxidantdda
Formula: structural-formula-dodecyl-dimethylamine
N-3 (Hydrogenated Cocoamido) Propyl Dimethylamines
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