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Functions of Cationic Surfactant – Antistatic Effect

Soft and smooth

When the surfactant molecules are aligned on the surface of the fabric, the relative coefficient of static friction of the fabric can be reduced. Non-ionic surfactants such as linear alkyl polyoxyethylene ethers, linear alkyl fatty acid polyoxyethylene ethers, and various cationic surfactants all reduce the static friction coefficient of the fabric, so it can use as a fabric softener. Surfactants with branched alkyl or aryl groups do not form a neat orientation on the surface of the fabric, so it is not suitable for use as a softener.

Antistatic effect

Certain anionic surfactants and quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactants readily absorb moisture to form a conductive solution layer on the surface of the fabric, so they have antistatic effects and are used as antistatic agents for chemical fiber fabrics.

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