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  • Dimethyl-Cyclohexylamine


Chemical name: N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine

Trade brand: WHAMINE DMCHA

CAS No.: 98-94-2

Molecular formula: C8H17N

Molecular weight: 127.23


Package And Storage Of Dimethyl-Cyclohexylamine

170kgs or meeting the request of the customers. Storage for one years in shady room and dry place.

Application Of Dimethyl-Cyclohexylamine

DMCHA Is a low viscosity of the secondary amine catalyst activity and rigid used in refrigerator, plank, spraying, the perfusion polyurethane hard foam at the scene.

The catalyst on the gel and foam has a catalytic role, the rigid foam and gel reaction provides a balanced catalytic properties, properties of water and the reaction of isocyanate (foam) catalytic stronger, at the same time of polyols and isocyanates are moderate catalytic reaction, he is a strong initial catalyst foam reaction.

Except for hard bubble, can also be used for molding the soft, half hard bubble auxiliary catalysts, etc.

Properties Of Dimethyl-Cyclohexylamine

Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, soluble in alcohol and ether solvents, insoluble in water.

Recommended Amines And Derivatives

2-(2-Dimethylaminoethoxy)-Ethynol CAS No: 1704-62-7
Molecular formula: C9H13N
Molecular weight: 133.2
1-[Bis [3- (Dimethylamino)-Propyl] Amino]-2-Propanol
1-[Bis [3- (Dimethylamino)-Propyl] Amino]-2-Propanol CAS No: 67151-63-7
Molecular formula: C13H31N3O
Molecular weight: 245.41
N, N-Dimethyl-N', N'-Bis (2-Hydroxypropyl)-1, 3-Propanediamine
N, N-Dimethyl-N', N'-Bis (2-Hydroxypropyl)-1, 3-Propanediamine CAS No: 63469-23-8
Molecular formula: (CH3)2N(CH2)3N[CH2CH(OH)CH3]2
Molecular weight: 218
33% Triethylenediamine In Dipropylene Glycol
33% Triethylenediamine In Dipropylene Glycol CAS No: 280-57-9
Molecular formula: C6H12N2
Molecular weight: 112.2
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