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Product Characteristics and Application Features of Amphoteric Surfactants

Amphiphilic surfactants usually have good washing, dispersion, emulsification, sterilization, soft fiber, and antistatic properties. They can be used as fabric finishing aids, dyeing aids, lime soap dispersants, dry cleaning surfactants, and metal corrosion inhibitors. However, this type of surfactant is more expensive, and the actual application range is smaller than other surfactants.

Ⅰ. Product features of amphoteric surfactants

Amphiphilic surfactants contain cationic and anionic groups in their molecules; in addition to having the characteristics of general cationic flocculants, they have more excellent performance. This type of flocculant can be used in a wide range of pH values, has a higher filtration capacity and a lower water content of the filter cake, and can also be used for strong acid leaching of ore or recovery of valuable metals from metal-containing acid catalysts. The zwitterionic type is by no means a mixture of anionic and cationic types. If cationic polyacrylamide is used with anionic polyacrylamide, it will react and cause precipitation. Therefore, zwitterionic surfactants are the most ideal.

Ⅱ. Characteristics of amphoteric surfactant products

1. Flocculation: amphiphilic surfactants can neutralize suspended substances through electricity, bridging adsorption, and flocculate.

2. Adhesion: The amphoteric surfactant can play a role in adhesion through mechanical, physical, and chemical action.

3. Resistance reduction: amphiphilic surfactants can effectively reduce the frictional resistance of the fluid. Adding a small PAM to the water can reduce the resistance by 50%-80%.

4. Thickening: Under neutral and acidic conditions, the amphoteric surfactant has a thickening effect. When the PH value is above 10, PAM is easy to hydrolyze and has a semi-network structure; the thickening will be more obvious.

WHAMINE produces different surfactants, including cationic, nonionic, and amphiphilic surfactants. Surfactant has become a flexible and versatile fine chemical product due to its physical and chemical functions and corresponding practical applications.

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