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Wuxi Weiheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of amines and amine derivatives.

Benefiting from its expertise, whamine is able to give its customers guidance based on its know-how in all the industries it caters to. The guidance goes beyond the recommendation of correct active ingredients to use, covering services like informing good timing for purchase, formulating techniques and blending.

Company Culture

Our mission: to be a high efficiency bridge between our customers and our suppliers

Our vision: to be a global enterprise with public trusts

Our value: honest and trustworthy, supreme customers, caring for staff, innovative development

Our idea: to be bigger, to be stronger, to be better, and to be longer

Our spirit: pragmatic, specialty, synergy and devotion

Quality Control

In order to guarantee the quality of the amine derivatives, we have formulated strict product quality control testing standards which are classified into two kinds:

1. Process control: according to different amine derivatives and their reaction process, we select the key point, key indicator, key results, to control the product smoothly in the preparation process. 

2. Results control: we carry out a system of batch inspection strictly which is divided into raw materials warehouse batch inspection and storage of finished product batch inspection production. Whether raw materials or finished products, we test for every batch of products to ensure the quality of amine derivatives.

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