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Fatty Amine

By using two process chemistries based on nitrile and direct amination technology, world scale volumes of various primary, secondary and tertiary fatty amines are produced in WEIHENG plant. The fatty amine has many usages. It can be used directly. Primary amines can be used as corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, mold release agents, oil additives, pigment processing additives and so on. 

Fatty Amine Types
Trade NameProduct NameCAS NO.
WHAMINE DMA897Octyl Dimethylamine7378-99-6
WHAMINE DMA810Octyl/Decyl Dimethylamines7378-99-6/1120-24-7
WHAMINE DMA818Cocoalkyl Dimethylamines61788-93-0
WHAMINE DMA1095Decyl Dimethylamine1120-24-7
WHAMINE DMA1297Dodecyl Dimethylamine112-18-5
WHAMINE DMA1270Dodecyl/Tetradecyl Dimethylamines84649-84-3
WHAMINE DMA1497Tetradecyl Dimethylamine112-75-4
WHAMINE DMA1697Hexadecyl Dimethylamine112-69-6
WHAMINE DMA1816Octadecyl/HexadecylDimethylamins68390-97-6
WHAMINE DMA1618Hexadecyl/OctadecylDimethylamins68390-97-6
WHAMINE DMA1895Octadecyl Dimethylamine124-28-7
WHAMINE DMA2275Octadecyl/Behenyl Dimethylamines124046-42-0
WHAMINE DMA2280Behenyl Dimethylamine21542-96-1
WHAMINE DMAOOleyl Dimethylamine14727-68-5
WHAMINE MA 810Di (Octyl/Decyl) Methylamines308062-61-5
WHAMINE MA 88Dioctyl Methylamine4455-26-9
WHAMINE MA 1010Didecyl Methylamines7396-58-9
WHAMINE MA 1212DiDodecyl Methylamine2915-90-4
WHAMINE MA 1616Dihexadecyl Methylamine16724-61-1
WHAMINE MADCODicocoalkyl Methylamines61788-62-3
WHAMINE A8-2Bis (2-ethylhexyl) amine106-20-7
WHAMINE A18Octadecylamine124-30-1
WHAMINE AO VOleylamine112-90-3
WHAMINE A12Laurylamine124-22-1
WHAMINE A10Decylamine2016-57-1
WHAMINE A0810N, N-Dimethyloctyl/decanamide308062-09-1
WHAMINE ACOCoco Amines61788-46-3
WHAMINE A102N, N-Dimethyldecanamide14433-76-2
WHAMINE A8-12-Ethyl-hexylamine104-75-6
WHAMINE A8Octylamine111-86-4
WHAMINE A6Hexylamine111-26-2
WHAMINE TA8Trioctylamine1116-76-3
WHAMINE TA0810Trioctyl/Decylamine68814-95-9
WHAMINE PKO1218HN-3 (Hydrogenated Cocoamido) Propyl Dimethylamines288095-05-6
WHAMINE PKO12N-3-Laurylamidopropyl Dimethylamines3179-80-4
WHAMINE PKOON-3-Oleylamidopropyl Dimethylamines109-28-4
WHAMINE PKOEN-3-Erucylamidopropyl Dimethylamines60270-33-9

Fatty Amine Application

As a professional fatty amines manufacturer, WEIHENG provides fatty amines for various applications.

The fatty amine can be used in the production of cationic surfactants. Primary amines and their salts can be used as effective ore flotation agents, fertilizers or explosives anti-caking agents, paper waterproofing agents, corrosion inhibitors, lubricating additives, bactericides in the petroleum industry, fuel and gasoline additives, electronic cleaning agents and so on. 

And the fatty amine also can be used to produce non-ionic surfactants to become a foaming agent, emulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, liquid detergent, shampoo, hair conditioner, softener, antistatic agent, etc. The oleyl amine ethoxylate uses in many ways. The properties of this type of surfactant are: the aqueous solution is a light-colored or colourless transparent liquid, easily soluble in water or ethanol, which is easily biodegradable, resistant to hard water, has little irritation to the skin, and is less toxic.

Fatty Amine Production Process

Fatty amines are organic fatty amine derivatives. The fatty amine production process is relatively complicated. It is mainly produced by the reaction of fatty alcohol and dimethylamine to form monoalkyl dimethyl tertiary amine, fatty alcohol and monomethylamine react to form dialkyl monomethyl tertiary amine, and fatty alcohol and ammonia react to form trialkyl tertiary fatty acid amine.

First, fatty acid and ammonia react to form fatty nitriles. Fatty nitrile is hydrogenated to form fatty primary or secondary amine. Primary or secondary amine is hydrogenated to form tertiary amine. A primary amine is ethylated with nitrile and hydrogenated to form diamine. The diamine is further ethylated and hydrogenated by nitrile to generate triamine, and the triamine is further ethylated and hydrogenated by nitrile to generate tetraamine. It can be used as fatty amine ethoxylate.

FAQs about Fatty Amine


What is fatty amine ethoxylate?

Fatty amines added in various moles of ethylene form ethoxylated molecules, and fatty amine ethoxylates are produced during the process. As non-ionic surface-active agents, fatty amine ethoxylates can be in liquid form, or in the form of pasty solids.

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What is tallow amine used for?

As a kind of membrane amine, tallow amine is used to control the corrosion of the boiler condensate system. The main function is to use the adsorption of hydrophilic group (N atom) on the metal surface, separation of the hydrophobic group (alkyl group) from the external metal surface, to resist the water oxygen and carbon dioxide erosion of the metal.

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Is an amine a fatty acid?

In terms of fatty acids, one of its nitrogen derivatives are fatty amines. Fatty amines are non-ionic surface-active agents, by chemical or physical bonding, adhering to the surface firmly.

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