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  • Hexylamine


Chemical name: Hexylamine

Trade brand: WHAMINE A6

CAS No.: 111-26-2

Synonyms: primary amine; Amine-n-hexane; 1-AMINOHEXANE; 1-HEXYLAMINE; AMINE C6; RARECHEM AL BW 0240; N-HEXYLAMINE; hexan-1-amine; hexan-1-aminium

Formula: Structural Formula Octadecyl Dimethylamine


Package And Storage Of Hexylamine

200L plastic drum,IBC(1000L),customers' requirement. Storage for one year in shady room and dry place.

Application Of Hexylamine

Hexylamine mainly can be used as used as dyes, pigments, surfactants, intermediates for pharmaceutical synthesis.

Hexylamine is primarily of interest in surfactants, pesticides, corrosion inhibitors, dyes, rubber, emulsifiers, pharmaceuticals and so on.

Properties Of Hexylamine

Hexylamine is colorless liquid and hexylamine's freezing point is -19 ° C, the boiling point is 131.4 ° C, the relative density is 0.7660 (20/4 ° C), the refractive index is 1.4180, and the flash point is 11 ° C. Hexylamine is miscible with ethanol and ether and slightly soluble in water. There is ammonia smell.

Hexylamine is flammable, in case of fire, high heat or contact with oxidants, there is a risk of fire and explosion. Hexylamine's vapor is heavier than air and it can diffuse to a relatively distant place at a lower place. It will ignite and ignite in case of fire and Hexylamine has some corrosive.

Recommended Amines And Derivatives

N-3-Laurylamidopropyl Dimethylamines
N-3-Oleylamidopropyl Dimethylamines
Dicocoalkyl Methylamines
Dicocoalkyl Methylamines CAS No: 61788-62-3
Molecular formula: C17H37N~C37H77N
Molecular weight: 367.5
DiDodecyl Methylamine
DiDodecyl Methylamine CAS No: 2915-90-4
Molecular formula: C25H53N
Molecular weight: 367.5
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