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  • Trioctyl/Decylamine


Chemical name: Trioctyl/Decylamine

Trade brand: WHAMINE TA0810

CAS No.: 68814-95-9

Molecular weight: 396

Molecular Formula: C27H57N

Synonyms: Tri(octyl-decyl)amine; N,N-dinonylnonan-1-amine; Tri(octyl/decyl)amines; TA0810; Tri(octyl-devyl)amine; Trioctyl/Decylamine


Package And Storage Of Trioctyl/Decylamine

200L plastic drum,IBC(1000L),customers' requirement. Storage for one year in shady room and dry place.

Application Of Trioctyl/Decylamine

1. Trioctyl/Decylamine is used as a rare metal extracting agents: this product can separate cobalt and nickel in hydrochloric acid, extracting uranium, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium and platinum, and also be used for the extracting agent of metals such as gold and copper.

2. Trioctyl/Decylamine is a good extracting agent for the treatment of industrial wastewater when using complex extractant method.

3. Trioctyl/Decylamine can also be used to treat industrial wastewater containing organic acids, esters, etc., and the effect is excellent.

Properties Of Trioctyl/Decylamine

Trioctyl/Decylamine is a light yellow transparent oily liquid at room temperature, its boiling point is at 466.2° C, and density is 0.821g/ml.

Recommended Amines And Derivatives

Octadecyl/Behenyl Dimethylamines
Octadecyl/Behenyl Dimethylamines CAS No: 124046-42-0
Molecular formula: C20H43N /C24H51N
Molecular weight: 339
Trioctylamine CAS No. 1116-76-3
Molecular weight: 354
Molecular Formula: C24H51N
Synonyms: TNOA; TRICAPRYLYLAMINE; TRICAPRYLAMINE; TRIOCTYLAMINE; 1-Octanamine,N,N-dioctyl-; 336S; Alamine 308; N,N-dioctyloctan-1-amine
N, N-Dimethyldecanamide
N, N-Dimethyldecanamide CAS No: 14433-76-2
Molecular formula: C12H25NO
Molecular weight: 199.3
Didecyl Methylamines
Didecyl Methylamines CAS No: 7396-58-9
Molecular formula: C21H45N
Molecular weight: 311
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