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Functional Amine

The functional group of an amine is a nitrogen atom with a lone pair of electrons and with one, two, or three alkyl or aryl groups attached. Whamine produces are predominantly based on the feedstock of methyl amines, acrylonitrile and ethylene/propylene oxide.

Functional Amine Types

Trade NameProduct NameCAS NO.
WHAMINE PDA1, 3-propyldiamine109-76-2
WHAMINE EOPA3-ethoxy 1-propylamine6291-85-6
WHAMINE EHOPA3[(2ethylhexyl)oxy]proplyamine5397-31-9
WHAMINE DBAPADibutylanino 1-propylamine102-83-0
WHAMINE TMEDAN,N,N', N'-Tetra-Methyl-Ethylene-Diamine110-18-9
WHAMINE IPPA3-isopropoxypropylamine2906-12-9
WHAMINE BAEDN, N-Bis (3-aminopropyl)ethylenediamine10563-26-5
WHAMINE MPA3-Morpholinopropylamine123-00-2
WHAMINE CPACyclopentanamine1003-03-8
WHAMINE HPAN- (2-hydroethyl) -1,3-propanediamine4461-39-6
WHAMINE LPA103-decyloxy 1-propylamines7617-78-9
WHAMINE MOPA3-Methoxy 1-Propylamine5332-73-0
WHAMINE DMAPA3-Dimethylamino 1-Propylamine109-55-7
WHAMINE DACON-Cocoalkyl 1, 3-Propanediamines61791-63-7
WHAMINE DATN-Tallowalkyl 1, 3-Propanediamines61791-55-7
WHAMINE DAON-Oleyl 1, 3-Propanediamines7173-62-8
WHAMINE DA1021,10-Decanediamines646-25-3
WHAMINE DPTA TN-Tallowalkyl Dipropylenetriamines61791-57-9
WHAMINE DPTA Y12N,N-Bis-(3-Aminopropyl)-Tallowalkylamines2372-82-9
WHAMINE TPTA TN-Tallowalkyl Tripropylenetetramines68911-79-5
WHAMINE TPTA ON-Oleyl Tripropylenetetramines67228-83-5
WHAMINE OPA103-Isodecyloxy 1-Propylamines30113-45-2
WHAMINE NMEAN-Methyl Ethanolamine109-83-1
WHAMINE MDEAN-Methyl Diethanolamine105-59-9
WHAMINE DEAPA3-Diehtylamino 1-Propylamine104-78-9
WHAMINE TMPDAN,N,N', N'-Tetra-Methyl-Propyl-Diamine110-95-2

Amine Functional Group

Amine functional group is a compound produced by replacing the hydrogen in the ammonia molecule (NH3) with a hydrocarbon group (-R). Since the ammonia molecule (NH3) has three hydrogens, it is divided into primary amine functional group RNH2, secondary amine functional group R2NH, and tertiary amine functional group R3N according to the number of hydrogens replaced. To list one of amine functional group examples: polydimethylsiloxane or amino siloxane containing side chains of amine functional groups. 

Everyone knows that functional groups for amine are prone to side reactions in the presence of metals; therefore, we need to figure out a way to control the amine groups in the correct way to avoid side reactions. A new method of CH bond activation, which is unique in that the ring structure of alicyclic amine is twisted from the chair conformation to the boat conformation, so that the CH bond, which is originally in a difficult-to-react position can be activated to form a new CC bond. In this method, a palladium catalyst and a coordination group are attached to the nitrogen atom of the alicyclic amine ring. This coordinating group can help the catalyst on the nitrogen atom bend the C-H bond close to the opposite side of the ring. In this way, the palladium atom can insert the C-H bond, which is difficult to activate, allowing the research team to replace the hydrogen atom on it with an aromatic group. The amine functional group general formulas are RNH2, R2NH, R3N. Most drugs contain amine functional groups. Proteins, nucleic acids, many hormones, antibiotics and alkaloids all contain amine functional groups, which are complex derivatives of amines.

FAQs about Functional Amine


How do amines form from alcohol?

The method of producing amine from alcohol is based on the so-called hydrogen borrowing strategy, using a well-defined homogeneous iron-based catalyst. These iron-catalyzed direct conversions can provide water with high modularity, which is the only stoichiometric by-product.

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What is the reaction between carboxylic acid and amine?

Carboxylic acid and amine can derive amides. The use of excess reactants or the removal of water generated in the reaction is conducive to the transfer of equilibrium to the product. Usually, benzene or toluene is added to the reactant for azeotropic distillation to remove the water in the reactant.

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What is the functional group of amine?

Amine is a compound formed by replacing hydrogen in the ammonia molecule (NH3) with alkyl (- R).

Since ammonia molecule (NH3) has three hydrogens, it is divided into primary amine (primary amine) rnh2, secondary amine (secondary amine) r2nh and tertiary amine (tertiary amine) r3n according to the number of hydrogen substituted.

According to functional groups, the primary amine functional group is r-nh2, the secondary amine is r2-NH and tertiary amine is r3-n.

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